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opening my journal to the public [15 Jul 2006|07:08am]
yah i am takeing all those posts that amy made me hide and uniding them later. so evoryone can read my past...

a new post for now i work today. but i think my friends deserve to have access to my lj?

Last night I had a dream… it was a happy dream. But a painful dream after I woke up. The dream was in parts.

1st part going to buy a pc in a realy cold winter. With snow and ice and not being able to drive.

2nd going to amys house and finding out that she tried calling me but my dad filtered her calls.

3rd on a trip to a park like area with a bridge with amy. One of the people on the tour. jumped off the bridge and we all thought he drowed but it turns out he was ok later… it was sunny and realy nice… I walked and shared music for amy to listen to as we walked to gether…

its hard… she hates me… why do I have such dreams… I have a new girlfriend now…

I miss amy sure I do. But I cant… I have to move on… I guess I wish I could know how she is doing. If she was realy happy without me… that would probly hurt a lot… but I would lie and say that that would make me happy…
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[12 May 2006|03:09pm]
today some people on a irc site said i wasnt nntb T_T

*emo tear*
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after 5 years... [30 Apr 2006|01:56pm]

after five years amy broke up with me.. this happend. back in jan but thought i should let you all know.

i am depressed a bit. i still love her... she just dosnt love me any more.

and i dont even know why it all ended.

it hurts so much.
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urls [02 Dec 2005|02:51pm]

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a dream [13 Nov 2005|06:41am]
[ mood | tired and kind of out of it... ]

(I wrote down last nights dream so I can tell Amy when I say “you” or sound like I am talking to someone I am talking to Amy)
11/13/2005 6:31:13 AM
I woke up to see a bright beam of light piercing the ceiling of my bedroom it started as a small light and then grew bigger and brighter. Then I saw my dad float threw the floor into the ceiling where the light was beaming like trapped within the light but he was emotionless and looked like he was frozen standing up with a blank look on his face like a statue or something. The light widened and overlapped Greg’s bed Greg screamed in pain as he was pulled into a standing upright position. with no emotion to his face and started to float. Scared to death I started to run outside my room, the lights where every ware braking threw the ceiling. When I got outside I saw Greg and the rest of my family get pulled by the lights threw the air and the stream of light/people met up with other ones to make one big stream of people and that was heading up into a flying saucer shaped UFO. a really big one that filled up half the sky it was sitting in the sky with 8 of these streams that went all over the city forking into smaller ones what looked like legs and hands almost. I assumed it was flying over cities casting down light and when the light touched a building people flooded into the air into the ships the light seemed to pierce the buildings Avoiding the beams I made my way to a parking lot where there was nothing but a 2nd gigantic space(when I say big I mean it had to be latterly 2-3 miles in length) ship and people all walking into it in line. two really attractive girls in tight red and black outfits where telling people “its ok we aren’t going to hurt you we are here to save your planet come with us everything is going to be ok” I was scared I knew they weren’t here to help and that they where probably going to grind up the people for food or energy for there ships or something to that effect… I drove down to the space ship area and was telling people not to go but no one was listening to me so I went to run away to find you. Amy and started running down the road and I ran passed a car that the driver had been taken from by a light… I got in the car and drove down the freeway to your house. Took the exit at liberty lake and crossed the bridge headed over to your house… the lights had not yet hit this part of the neighborhood. And I came in and your mom was saying that It would be a while before dinner and thanked me for coming over… I was confused because I came over to see Amy. And some really fat ugly girl clamed to be your sister grabbed my butt T_T wall I was waiting for you to get out of the bathroom so I could tell you what happened… really really creepy… anyways you came out and said I had to call my dad to see if I could take the computer home so I tried calling and got a busy signal. Tried a few times. For one reason or another we decided to go shopping and your dad drove us to a market. There was a really nifty pet/pirate themed store that you said you wanted to goto and I didn’t really say anything because I was in someone else’s car and felt like It would not have been my place to say anything… he said I will get food you guys can look at that store if you like. You ended up wanting some little $0.80 item which was a good deal until I paid for it with my card I think it was a drank of sorts possibly grog and I started tearing off the label to it. You said did you see how much you spent on that I said 80 cents you said no look at your receipt I looked at the receipt and it said there was a $10 cursed item fee… so I ended up paying more… as we left a light hit me and I called out to you AMY… I couldn’t move and was being pulled up tears rolled down my eyes because I didn’t want to be separated from Amy… then I fell to the ground the light didn’t have me any more… you lassoed me and pulled me out of the light. We started to run for it but then I woke up,

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update: The Universe??? beta2 [11 Nov 2005|08:34am]
ok here i go...
i got a vampirefreaks.com profile so i stoped posting here as much, then i stoped posting there becuase friends wanted me to goto myspace.com... long story short i miss lj...

so i may write here again.. from time to time.

thats what its here for.

working at ICT Group as a call center specilest part time... but doing Over time.

me and amy are still not dating yet...

i am working on a site for a local busness

soon to be up and running... maby.

but thats it.. lol
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Vacation [21 Jul 2005|11:58am]
[ mood | 2 days wihtout talking to amy ]

Dear LiveJournal

well sorry i havent updated in a while... here is whats going on.

i am in florada helping my grandma move up to where i live so thats kind of neat... the weather up here is ungodly hot... and i dont have internet acess... (well) except for at the library where i am now. i find it not that fun without a computer... at least i have my psp...

speeking of psp.. rumor about a new update is coming... i might buy a 2nd psp just to keep up to date... but i love emulation and the freedoms of a uncripled system... in any case i am not updateing my launch psp ever...


in other news things with me any amy are still good cept for it being a long distence relationship... now me being in florada...

she keeps talking about stuff like seting up times to call... makes me a bit worried because that makes me feal like she is going out with guys and doing stuff without wanting me to know about it... she says its being paranoid... but i think its just a healthey dose of paranoia... i mean she told me i couldnt call for 2 days other wise i would have no "calling privilages" so... kind of bumed out. i sware her mom has problums with me... in any case i hope to call her tonight.

life is good kind of... still depressed but takeing things one day at a time...

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new webcam addy [15 Jul 2005|02:50am]
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[14 May 2005|04:21pm]
amy didnt tell me she was leaving to goto sandys.. a pain inside me... i know now she dosnt care for me like she said she does... i am just an anoyence... i guess i should just let her go... and face facts. amy dosnt love me... i need to start preparing to find a job in tokyo or somthing.
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an update [08 May 2005|05:39pm]
ok i know times are hard but its ok... my relationship with amy is falling to pices... i realy dont know what to do...
i realy dont know what to do... amy says she is busy all the time and for me not to stop by.

Here is a dragon i made for amy... kind of a Cross Stitch thingy...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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[26 Feb 2005|02:08pm]
Saterday update:
its saterday just got some blood vials
like this
lovly ^^

wating for a phone call to see if i can... spend time with someone today...(cant mention who if i want you all to read this post ~_^)

been watching Ah my godess and negima up to ep 7 on each good anime ^^

trying to get the rest of live action sailor moon... they are done fansubbing all 50 so i got the first 3 or 4 dvd rips and tv up to ep 9 so for... still a ways to go.
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[22 Feb 2005|09:23am]
[ mood | anxious ]

well amy spent the weekend at sandys... i missed her alot... i goto talk to her for 40min or so last night... but then she had to go.

last night i had a nice dream it was a 2 part dream... the first part had to do with me and amy having sex in her room... and not just gental sex but rough pushing amy angenst the wall and using evory serface imagionable to make love... it was realy intresting and fun. lol then we went camping and had sex in the tent... it was slow soft fun sex. and it felt so good cumming all inside amys "pocket"

the second part had to do with her being pregnet and giving birth to our kid. it was actually funny because of all the crazy stuff going on. and convincing amy not to get a abortion was a tough thing to do. but in the end blake came through all right. evoryone was there in that dream sandy jason jammie... amy tryed to pick up smoking but i stoped her by telling her if she smoked i would also... driving to the hospital was odd because the roads where way confusing. and realy cool looking alot of 3 level roades and stuff..

i cant wait tell i see amy today... i took a shower and shaved put on deordrent and caloan i get to see amy after work ^^

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[30 Jan 2005|10:19am]
well my life is going ok i guess. i havent been able to spend any time with that person i like.. in over a month... and she is talking to me less on the phone. i am down to 106 now weaghed my self this morning... i kind of want to weght more... but i dont feal like eating... in any case. i updated my site


yah *new pic on the front page
*added 1 artworl image
*added also a link to a calender so people can see when i am not busy...

now i have many contacts on trillian
msn: odo1 (at) hotmail.com
aim: NNTB 1337M4573R
ICQ: 7761805
yim: n00b98
jabber: nntb@jabber.org/trillian

not sure exactly what jabber does but oh well...
i realy would like to see a Vrision wirless plugin for trillian letting me send pix and text msg's from my trillian...
lol i would even love a lj plugin to post entrys from trillian ^^
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[30 Jan 2005|03:54am]
1st dream
basement you where crying because jamie gave your harly davenson scarf that you lent her to good will... and you where saying how this always happens with all the stuff you like. i huged you as you where crying and reasured you that i would never sell your stuff you lend me or make you unhappy... and that i was sure that jamie woulnd do it on purpous... but you said she would... and insted of arguing i started fealing you... or at least tryed to bercause the moment i tryed to feal you youre body instenly jumed positions from sitting on my lap with you legs to the right of me almose faceing tword me... to you kind of kneeling on the couch to my left...but you body going down to where my hand was kind of like laying but with your but in the air... i didnt notice this untell i tryed fealing you down there and ended up fingering your mouth...you laughed and said that was a funny joke... and i tryed getting you to suck me... but i woke up...
Awake 1:34
the door of my room was making a banging sound like somthing was hitting it i ignored the sound and went back to sleep... hoping to see the rest of that dream... no sutch luck.

2nd dream
me and greg and dad where in a warehouse area or maby a closed grocery store... looking for somthing there where these tiles on the floor that they couldnt make heads or tails out of... so i went over by a big door and looked back sure enough when the tilse where viwed from the right angle at a distence they formed a word. it was somthing stupid like "so what", "it works" or "why" i realy dont remember... but the second i read it the door behind me opend and us three entered... in side was stiars leading up it was kind of creepy and almost alive looking with large pointy teeth adorning the stairway...and a cat like girl atacked us as whe made our way up...through a redundent cyle of stuff falling, bugs, cat like girls, and empty rooms... slowy my dream looked less real and more like a gameboy advance game... untell in the end i was on the roof top... and all the shinobe one by one powered up to transform... evoryone joined together and created a girl... but the power she has was so grate it melted my gba... and i was left back in the warehouse store place at thte begining of the dream... insted of going through the whole dream again... i woke up.

Awake 3:47(typed this)(and gabed 2 glasses of milk and went back to sleep)

ok 3rd dream

greg and i where at the airport looking through travil brocures... we where discusing places to go... i liked the ones with the animals on them but greg wanted to goto a tech one... we just got back from a science one so i said i get to chose... i busted out my cell phone and diled you... and ask you what you liked better a afracan safari? or the rain forest...you said the rain forest is a lot cooler... so thats where i chose to go... but the plain had already left... so dismayed i walked back to the airport parking lot and there was a old car like a 1920's car i opend the door and climed into the back seat... i knock over a drank and ruin some poster boards in the back of the car...
sudenly i was home downstairs in my room on welllesley on the phone with you... you didnt want to talk to me so you said you goto go bye... and hung up on me
i wated what seemed like hours... later phone was busy... so i waled out of the room and was in clearing in a forest...i got atacked by the undead... i got killed and turned into a deer...then i atacked a undead and turned into a warewolf like guy with an axe... and the more undead i killed the more back to human i became...
i was back home (old house) in the living room and called again^^ you where writeing emails to jamie. and some guy i have no idea who is... some guy you would ask for advice... i whined that you never write me any emails... so you said ok fine (in a disapointed tone) and said there i sent you a email happy?i felt bad. you said the key to beating ultima is atacking only after curing. and watch out for his x-doom atack. it can kill off your entire party... i was confused but then i saw sephrath over to my left... and i piced up my sword and went to fight him... you where standing behind him with the phone... he said sorry john amy is mine if you want her you have to fight for her... i yelled back amy belongs to no one but i will fight you to let her be free... you rolled your eyes as i lunged with the sword to sephi. he atacked back and cut me.... i was bleading prefusley. and you said "fine... cure!" and cast cure to heal my wound... i didnt want to hurt sephiroth... but then he turned around embraced you and you to locked lips... i cryed... not because he did that to you but because you where enjoying it... and you would never enjoy it if i did that to you... i turned away and took my sword to stab my self but the blade was to long... so i threw it behind me and it made a thud sound... i turned around only in horror to see that it had not only hit somthing but it impaled you and sephirtoh...
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[07 Jan 2005|05:20pm]
fear and dispair... feals like there is no hope... i am losing evorything... i lost amys love...
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